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Meet Charles Kronzek:After helping hundreds of clients over the past decades, I’ve learned how I can help you best. My first task is always to listen to you. My second task is to understand what you’ve told me. Understanding your concerns, fears and goals comes only by listening to you first. There’s probably a good reason that we’re born with two ears but only one mouth. As an attorney, I try to listen twice as much as I talk, especially when we begin your case. It’s also my job to help you understand – – – the family law process, the court proceedings, your options, and the current law. I’ve always felt that we can form the best working team together if we’re both fully informed. I work together with my clients to put together a case strategy that fits their end goals. Effective handling of your case is also about timing. In most cases, there’s a time to work collaboratively to resolve your case and, when that fails, sometimes a more aggressive approach is needed. Whatever approach works best in your case, I’ve done it dozens of times before. If we decide to work together on your case, you’ll find my staff and me to be tireless advocates for you. We are easily accessible, we return phone calls and we value our relationship with every one of our clients. People find us to be user friendly. My clients, other attorneys and even judges have referred their family members and friends to me for help when the need arises. If I can be of service to you, contact me at Kronzek@kroncron.com.

Meet Brandy Thompson: Brandy Thompson, a partner with The Kronzek Firm PLC, has been practicing family law for more than a decade. She has handled countless divorces, custody, parenting time, alimony, and other family law disputes. In addition, she has successfully litigated Children’s Protective Services (CPS) or neglect/abuse proceedings in over a dozen counties across the state of Michigan. As a mother of two, Brandy understands that when it comes to family issues, for parents there is nothing more important than their children. She regularly represents both mothers and fathers in divorce, property division, custody, or visitation disputes and Children’s Protective Services cases. She understands that these cases are often complicated and fraught with emotions. She works hard to overcome any difficulties, and achieve the best possible results for each and every client. In addition, to best serve her clients and provide zealous representation, Brandy dedicates herself to staying current with the most up-to-date information on family law issues. As such, she regularly attends programs for continuing legal education and litigation training. Added to that are the firm’s resources, support team, and other family law attorneys with whom Brandy meets regularly to roundtable new cases and issues. One of Brandy’s greatest sources of pride, other than her children, is the number of repeat clients as well as referrals from previous clients. They see Brandy as their ally, their advocate, and their trusted advisor.

“The fact that so many of my past clients trust me to handle additional legal matters, or refer their family and friends to me is the ultimate compliment. Their confidence in my abilities fuels my desire to continue providing skilled and competent representation.”

If you want Attorney Brandy Thompson and The Kronzek Firm team on your side, call our office directly or e-mail Ms. Thompson at Thompson@KronCron.com.

Meet Stephanie Service: The thing that Stephanie values most in life is family. That is why she is so passionate about working on family law cases in Michigan, including cases involving divorce, custody, parenting time, child support, and child abuse. Stephanie understands that going through these situations is extremely emotional and frustrating. Attorney Stephanie Service prides herself on her ability to explain legal concepts and court proceedings to clients in a way that makes sense to them. Too many lawyers use “lawyer speak” to clients because they feel they need to sound smart. It is extremely important to Stephanie that her clients fully understand what is going on in their cases. Clients armed with knowledge about their case are empowered. When Stephanie is not helping families, she enjoys spending time with her own family. She has two dogs and a cat who make her laugh on a daily basis. She also loves to line dance, geo cache, go on walks, go to the movies with her husband, sample microbrews, and complete projects at her new home. In short, Stephanie likes to be busy. Stephanie is an organized person, which helps her succeed as an attorney. She values client contact, and is not one of those attorneys who waits to return client phone calls. Unlike other lawyers, Stephanie does not dread coming to work every day. In fact, she loves her job, because she loves helping others during difficult times in their lives. To learn more about how Stephanie can help you with your case, please call her at (248) 479-6200

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