March 2017

  • Do Women Initiate More Divorces Than Men?

    At one point in history it was far more commonplace for a man to leave his wife, than for a women to leave her husband. That, it seems, is changing. A recent survey of 2000 heterosexual couples shows that the tide has turned and it is now women, not men, who are walking away from…

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  • Spousal Privilege Law in Michigan: Your Questions Answered

    Most people have heard references in movies to the fact that “a wife can’t testify against her husband in court.” But very few people actually know what the spousal privilege law is. In Michigan, the law recognizes that in any marriage, personal and private information is often exchanged between spouses. So if either a husband…

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  • Michigan Child Support: What You Need To Know (Part Two)

    Thanks for joining us again for this look at what you need to know about child support in Michigan.  While both custody and child support are subjects that come with a fair share of frustration, it is critical that you abide by the orders of the court. Not following the court’s orders in just about…

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