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    Here at The Kronzek Firm, we understand Michigan family law and the wide range of divorce situations and complexities that arise. We understand the detailed requirements of the Family Division of the Circuit Court in Oakland County. And, most importantly, we are ready to help you work through your divorce with the best outcome. Contact us online or call (248) 479-6200.  Our Oakland County office is located in Farmington Hills, on Northwestern near Inkster.

    Divorce at any age can be painful, confusing, and life-altering, even in the best of circumstances. Divorce is especially difficult when it is unwanted or when children are involved. Our Oakland County divorce attorneys have helped others through this process hundreds of times. Divorce is not easy, but we treat our clients with the upmost understanding and empathy, offering them professional and personalized legal guidance throughout the entire process.

    Basic Oakland County Considerations

    For divorce to occur in Michigan, there must be “a breakdown in the marriage relationship to the extent that the objects of matrimony have been destroyed and there remains no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.” No other reasons for divorce are permitted in Michigan. Also, since Michigan is a no-fault state, it often does not matter who is at fault for the eroded marriage. Although judges are permitted to consider fault, most do not.

    With decades experience as divorce attorneys, we know that the language of the law and the divorce process are both quite difficult and often, confusing. Because of this, we know how important it is for your attorney to be by your side every step of the way. Our goal is to not only successfully represent each of our clients, but also to keep them informed about their cases. We explain Michigan divorce law to them and keep them updated along the way.

    Divorces involve many life decisions that need to be carefully considered. Some of these decisions involve the custody of your children, who will be living in the current residence, whether or not either spouse should be granted spousal support, and how marital property should be divided. In some divorce cases, things get even more complicated as questions arise about which assets, bills, or properties should be divided. Our divorce attorneys are both trusted and experienced, so we are aware of the complexity of divorce and we carefully address all factors involved in any divorce situation.

    The next consideration to keep in mind is that of procedural issues. Our family law attorneys are prepared to tackle anything that comes their way, including:

    • personal jurisdiction
    • subject matter jurisdiction
    • prior family law litigation
    • involvement of minor children
    • whether either spouse is in the military
    • the specific type of case to be filed (divorce, separate maintenance, annulment)
    • the need for immediate court orders

    There are a host of other issues to keep in mind. To learn, understand, and meet all of these procedural requirements can be difficult for someone facing the emotional turbulence of divorce. We take care of the procedural issues for you, stepping in and representing our clients in one of the most taxing experiences of their lives. Because of the size of the Oakland County Family Courts, there are specific procedures that are different from other county systems.

    Your divorce attorney will consider all relevant factors, then proceed by drafting the complaint for divorce and filing it with the family court. If your spouse has already filed the divorce case, we will file an answer and perhaps a counterclaim for divorce. Additional documents will be required if minor children are involved. Once the complaint is filed, the attorney will find the best way to have the complaint served to the defendant. Any court orders that were issued also must be served to the defendant.

    Have You Found the Right Divorce Lawyer?

    You should also give great consideration to choosing the best divorce lawyer that you can afford. The stress of a divorce can be greatly relieved if you have the right attorney. You can get to know some us by viewing our attorney profiles. Although we all have different perspectives, lives, and litigation philosophies, there are a couple things that all attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have in common.

    First, all attorneys at The Kronzek Firm are experienced trial attorneys. None of us are “kids” straight out of law school. Each of us are respectful and we believe in civility – we don’t pick fights out of entertainment or just to instigate. We value your time, and efficiency is one of our key priorities. We believe that you deserve the best, so we work hard to protect your interests. We have perfected our approach to family law litigation through our hard work and decades of experience. We have successfully handled many cases in the past and we are ready to help you succeed in yours.

    How Long Will I Have to Wait for My Divorce?

    Divorce is a long process that has a waiting period of at least two months if no minor children are involved. If minor children are involved, the divorce will take even longer: no less than six months. In rare circumstances where the process must be done faster, the court will make an exception to the time requirement.

    During the first months of the divorce process, attorneys take part in what is known as “discovery.” Discovery is where each party reveals all relevant information, such as assets, liabilities, retirement plans, earnings, and plenty of other information. Don’t be concerned about your spouse hiding assets. Just tell us your concerns and allow us to lead the way to finding those hidden assets if they do exist. The goal of discovery is to create a fair settlement for both parties of the divorce. Attorneys then negotiate so that they can come to an agreement without going through a divorce trial. We are able to settle a large majority of our family law cases without going to trial.

    If minor children are involved, then the Friend of the Court will step in during the waiting period to help resolve issues of physical custody of the children, legal custody, parenting time/visitation, and child support. The Friend of the Court also often makes recommendations on spousal support (formerly known as alimony). You would be amazed with how many hours go into a divorce case. The Kronzek Firm promises to make things easier for you. We are the best choice for most divorce and custody cases because of our decades of experience, hundreds of cases, thousands of clients, and incalculable hours spent in negotiations and courtrooms.

    Finding the best attorney that you can for your family law case is the best way to protect yourself, your family, and your future. If you are facing divorce, legal separation, a paternity case, problems with child support or problems with spousal support, call us today! Our Oakland County divorce attorneys are ready to serve and protect you. Our number is (248)-479-6200. We are available 24/7 by phone. You can make an appointment to meet us at our Farmington Hills office or, if needed, we would be happy to meet with you after hours or even on the weekend.  


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