November 2016

  • Changing Your Insurance Policy After Divorce (Part Two)

    In our previous installment of this two part series, we talked about how divorce will seriously impact your insurance coverage. We also looked at the first two items on the list that you need to address, namely your homeowner’s insurance and your health insurance. Yes, we know, this is an overwhelming time in life and…

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  • Why Hiding Assets During a Divorce is a Bad Idea!

    Divorce is a very stressful time; we get that. Most couples are struggling with anger, resentment, sadness, depression and frustration. It can be natural to want to cut your soon-to-be-ex out of their portion of your finances, especially if those assets were yours before you got married. Nothing is more frustrating that having to split…

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  • Preparing For Your Oakland County Divorce Consultation

    That first time you walk into a divorce attorney’s office can be kind of scary. Perhaps a little intimidating. Maybe even a great relief. Whatever you’re experiencing, it is probably very stressful and upsetting. We get it. We do this every day. We understand. First time clients walk through the doors of one of our…

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