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    Top Divorce Lawyer in Farmington Hills

    To put it lightly, divorce is never easy. For most people here in the Metro Detroit area, divorce is a completely devastating process and, at the beginning, it is difficult to tell which way your divorce will go. Each divorce case is unique and has seemingly endless factors at play. For instance, if one spouse wants the divorce but the other does not, then the divorce process might be drawn out and would likely be all the more painful.

    The family courts in Macomb County are certainly clogged up. In the best of cases, things don’t necessarily fly through the courthouse in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. At The Kronzek Firm PLC, we have dealt with all kinds of divorce cases and we are ready to help you with yours. Contact us online today or call (248)-479-6200 for a free initial consultation.

    Expert Divorce Attorneys Serving Macomb County

    Couple fighting in front of their child

    If you are thinking about or if you are going through a divorce, you will almost certainly find that you have plenty of disagreements with your spouse. When you and your spouse come to issues without agreements, thats when your attorneys should step in.

    However, we usually caution our clients to strategically plan their discussions with the spouse and to check with us before reaching any firm agreement. That’s because in divorce cases, one decision will likely have an important effect on some other aspect of the divorce case. Most often, lay people won’t understand that.

    No matter how simple or complex your divorce case might be, it is simply priceless to have a team of trusted attorneys to represent your best interests, making sure you are always fairly treated. Having experienced attorneys on your side will give you peace of mind like nothing else will. At The Kronzek Firm PLC, we will help you through every step of the legal divorce process. Our attorneys understand the inner workings of the Macomb County Family Court and we are familiar with the local staff and the Macomb County Friend of the Court office.

    We know how judges and Friend of the Court referees like to solve some of the more difficult divorce issues. We also know the intense pressure you may feel during this process to give in to unfair terms just to speed things up. This is why you need honest, trusted attorneys who are ready and able to advise and protect you. We don’t judge you and we understand what you’re going through. We answer your questions and respond to your phone calls and emails.

    No-Fault Divorce in Macomb County

    Divorcing couple

    Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that a couple can get a divorce no matter who is at fault. To get a divorce here in Macomb County, you simply match Michigan’s legal  grounds for divorce.

    This means that there has been a breakdown of the marital relationship, the objects of matrimony have been destroyed, and there is no reasonable chance that the marriage can be saved. That is the one and only grounds for getting divorced in Michigan.

    Just because Michigan is a no-fault state, doesnt mean that fault does not matter. If you and your spouse are able to settle all issues related to the divorce, it is possible that fault for the divorce wont come up at all. However, fault does come up in certain instances, especially when considering asset division, custody, alimony and more. Under Michigan law, judges are allowed to consider who caused the breakdown in the marriage when they make certain decisions.

    That does not mean they are required to consider fault, but they have the discretion to consider it if they want to. In Macomb County, fault is usually not considered in the vast majority of cases. You will need an experienced attorney to guide you on how to address these circumstances and many others, such as jurisdictional issues about how, when and where you can file your divorc case.

    Divorce and Custody

    Parent holding child's hand

    If your divorce involves children, you will also have to deal with the issues of custody, parenting time and child support. There are two types of custody that will need to be worked out: physical custody and legal custody.

    Physical custody is who will be the primary caretaker of the child this can involve spending significant time with both parents, or primarily residing mostly with just one parent. Legal custody involves making important decisions for the child.

    Most divorce and custody cases in Macomb County award the parents joint legal custody, unless there is a strong reason not award this. If, for instance, there is a total communication breakdown between the parents that will not allow them to come to any type of agreement, one parent might then be given total legal custody. They key is their ability to cooperate to co-parent the children.

    When it comes to both legal and physical custody, there are a lot of options and decisions to be made. When parents cannot come to an agreement on how to divide custody, the court will make the decision. As with all child custody issues, the court will look at the Michigan Child Custody Act to determine the best interests of the child. Our attorneys at The Kronzek Firm will guide you through that complex process and help you understand your options.

    Your Macomb County CPS Defense Attorneys

    Divorce decree

    Sometimes divorce cases come with exaggerated or even false claims of child neglect and abuse. Childrens Protective Services (CPS) workers are legally required to investigate any potentially valid claims of child abuse/neglect.

    This means that, while youre already dealing with a divorce case, you may have to deal with possibly being investigated for child abuse or neglect. Most divorce lawyers are not equipped or properly trained with the knowledge or expertise to be able to help you through a CPS investigation, and you definitely should not try to handle a CPS investigation on your own!

    At The Kronzek Firm, we have attorneys who are experts in both divorce law and CPS defense, so we are prepared to help you with your combination of cases! Our CPS defense team works all over Southeast Michigan, Metro Detroit, Macomb County and the lower peninsula fighting for parents and families.

    Free Macomb County Divorce Consultation

    We want to work with you, not just for you. To find out if we would be a good match, meet with us for a free and confidential consultation. In our experience, this type of team approach produces the best results.


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