September 2017

  • Ways to Help Your Children Work Through The Pain of Divorce

    Every divorce is different, and every family is impacted in different ways by divorce. However, it’s often the children who seem to struggle the most with the change. How they react is determined by many factors, including their age, their personality type, and the circumstances of the divorce itself. All over Oakland County, our divorce…

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  • Tips For Saving Money on Your Divorce Case (Part 2)

    Welcome back and thanks for joining The Kronzek Firm again to discuss divorce expenses in Oakland County, and how to save a buck or two along the way. In our previous article we talked about a few ways that you can make smart, proactive choices that may save you money in the long run. Moving…

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  • Tips For Saving Money on Your Divorce Case (Part 1)

      Divorce is not cheap. In fact, most people here in Oakland County probably recognize this fact as an unavoidable reality. However, for those of you ending your marriages without an unlimited budget on hand, there are lots of ways that you can cut down on the cost by making smart choices and planning ahead.…

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