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The family law attorneys in our Farmington Hills office accept divorce, custody, parenting time, PPO and CPS defense cases throughout Oakland County and Macomb County including Novi; Farmington Hills; Bloomfield Hills; Birmingham; Waubeek; Keego Harbor; Pontiac; Southfield; Oak Park; Livonia; Mt. Clemens; Rochester; Rochester Hills; Milford and Commerce.  We are experienced attorneys who offer uncompromising legal representation.
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Let’s face it, divorce, at any age, can be painful, confusing, and life-altering; particularly when the divorce is unwanted or children are involved. As divorce lawyers who handle Oakland County cases, we understand what our clients are experiencing and offer professional and personalized legal assistance throughout the process. We understand Michigan law and the specific requirements of the Family Division of the Circuit Court in Oakland County. We understand the wide range of divorce situations and the complexities involved. Contact us online or call (248) 479-6200.

All kinds of questions arise when parents face a child custody issue or dispute, and parents can be confused about what their options are. The Oakland County custody lawyers at The Kronzek Firm can help. Contact us online or call (248) 479-6200. Custody concerns may arise because of divorce, legal separation, change of circumstances, or the relocation of a parent. They often involve a wide range of issues, such as where the child will live, whether a parent will have joint or sole custody of the child, and if a parent will have parenting or visitation time. All of these considerations can be mind-boggling and require a high level of attention, skill, sensitivity, and experience.

Custody cases will determine which parent has physical and/or legal custody of the child. Physical custody deals with where the child primarily resides and who takes care of the child on a daily basis, whereas legal custody refers to who makes decisions regarding the child’s education, medical care, religion, and other aspects of the child’s life. Courts can opt to distribute these rights equally to each parent, thereby granting joint custody, or by giving one parent a large majority of these rights, thus granting sole custody. Here in the sixth circuit (for Oakland County) the vast majority of cases have both parents equally sharing legal custody and therefore having equal input into the major parenting decisions.

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Underlying child support is the notion that both parents share the duty of supporting their children. To ensure that children receive the proper care, child support is collected to help pay for the expenses associated with a child’s needs; such as housing and utilities, clothing, uninsured medical expenses, transportation, food, extracurricular activities, and entertainment. The state of Michigan now has available an online child support calculator.

Michigan child support calculatorThis Formula must be used in calculating child support and, in most situations, courts apply it very strictly with little variance and few exceptions. We can help you with child support issues. Contact us online or call (248) 479-6200

Most parents would list children as more important that anything else in life.  In many ways, the amount of time you spend with them will define the relationship. For that reason, the decisions that parents sometimes face regarding children and their placement can generate stress, and cause parents to overlook some of the tremendously important issues that may arise. Our Oakland County parenting time attorneys thoroughly consider all issues of any case involving children. We offer parents invaluable advice and legal assistance in resolving such issues, so that parents can get back to focusing their attention on what they love most: their children.  Contact us online or call (248) 479-6200

Parenting time, which was once referred to as visitation, is one of the issues that may arise in cases involving children. In Michigan, parenting time is often granted to the parent who does not have physical custody of the children or to parents sharing joint custody. The Child Custody Act of Michigan provides the guidelines used by courts to grant parenting time. One of this Act’s paramount purposes is to promote a relationship between children and their parents. Consequently, the law presumes that it is in the best interest of children for them to interact and have a relationship with both of their parents.


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