November 2022

  • Supporting Spouses After Marriage: Spousal Support in Michigan

    The Kronzek Firm Everyone has heard of child support. Did Jim send his child support payments this month? Rebecca had hers automatically withdrawn from her pay.  Kids need financial support to continue growing, learning, and playing. From Birmingham to Novi to Bloomfield to Waterford, this is true across the board. But what about spouses?  Spousal…

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  • My Ex Won’t Follow the Rules! 

    When Your Ex Won’t Abide by the Judgment of Divorce The Kronzek Firm Getting a divorce is a difficult process for most of us Michiganders. When the judge signs a final Judgment of Divorce, a divorcee will often be relieved. This court order will specify the obligations on both sides and provide expectations for child…

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  • What’s Yours Is Mine: Marital and Separate Property in Michigan

    When two Michigan high school sweethearts get married a few years after graduation, they typically don’t come into the marriage with mansions, hundreds of thousands of dollars, or significant assets of any kind. Instead, most people enter into marriage with few assets of their own. (If your last name is Bezos, Musk or Ilich, you…

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