My Ex Won’t Follow the Rules! 

When Your Ex Won’t Abide by the Judgment of Divorce

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Getting a divorce is a difficult process for most of us Michiganders. When the judge signs a final Judgment of Divorce, a divorcee will often be relieved. This court order will specify the obligations on both sides and provide expectations for child support, parenting time, and property division. 

Most people expect that their ex will follow the rules and will do what that court order requires. After all, it is a court order, not a judge’s suggestion.  

What happens when your ex doesn’t follow the divorce judgment’s specific orders? How can you make sure that your ex follows the rules?

Option 1: Have a Frank Conversation with Your Ex

If it is safe for you to do so, have a conversation with your ex about the divorce order. Perhaps s/he lost a job. Maybe those Michigan car insurance payments went up. There are tons of reasons why your ex may not be abiding by the court order. However, reasons and excuses are never cause to violate the court order. 

Resolving the issue together is the easiest and cheapest way for you to help your ex follow the rules. However, many people find that their ex is not willing to follow the rules! Obviously judges are not happy when their orders are violated. 

Option 2: Divorce Contempt of Court 

After a conversation or some patience, if your ex won’t follow the divorce judgment, you may consider talking to a family law attorney about your options. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney in Oakland County will help you get your ex to follow the divorce order on parenting time, child support, property division, repayment of debts, spousal support, or other situations.

A divorce attorney can file a motion with the court to hold your ex accountable. A “Contempt of Court” motion will aid the court in putting further pressure on your ex to comply with the court order. No matter if you are from Bloomfield, Novi, Waterford, Auburn Hills, or Birmingham, you will have to prove that your ex isn’t following the rules. Working with a skilled divorce lawyer will increase your chances for success!

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