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DIY Divorce Pitfalls: What To Avoid (Part 3)

Having looked at the first four items on our list of things you should avoid if you’re going to pursue a Do-It-Yourself divorce, we wrap up this series with the last two concerns, namely the unintended tax consequences of DIY divorces. It is important to understand long versus short term asset values.   Understanding The […]

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DIY Divorce Pitfalls: What To Avoid (Part 2)

In the introductory article in this series, we talked about why Do-It-Yourself divorces can be more trouble than you expect. After all, there is so much information available on the internet, but very little of it is actually relevant to Michigan’s divorce laws, and some of it is blatantly incorrect. For this reason, we give […]

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DIY Divorce Pitfalls: What To Avoid (Part 1)

Do-it-yourself is everywhere. From instructions on how to build your own greenhouse using old windows to recipes for making your own laundry stain remover and lip balm, the internet is overflowing with things you can (maybe, possibly)  do yourself. That’s wonderful, because it teaches self-reliance, inspires creativity, and saves money. But there are certain things […]

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