January 2023

  • Gaslighting is Abuse

    The Kronzek Firm  Gaslighting refers to a specific type of emotional abuse where a person imposes false stories on others in order to push their manipulative agenda. This is especially dangerous when dealing with impressionable children. Our divorce and custody attorneys often see gaslighting abuse coming from narcissistic spouses and sometimes from parents that exhibit…

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  • Michigan Will Participate in Child Welfare System Reform

    The Kronzek Firm The wellbeing of children is important in every society. In the United States, we urgently need reform of our country’s child welfare system. Michigan has tried to fix many of the problems that our state child welfare system has experienced over the last fifteen years. Part of the problems deal with our…

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  • When Can I Withhold My Child Away From The Other Parent?

    The Kronzek Firm Divorced or separated parents wonder when it is ok for them to keep their child away from the other parent. They want to lock their doors and tell the other parent that they aren’t home. We understand the high emotions involved in child custody and visitation situations all over Michigan and we…

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