When Can I Withhold My Child Away From The Other Parent?

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Divorced or separated parents wonder when it is ok for them to keep their child away from the other parent. They want to lock their doors and tell the other parent that they aren’t home. We understand the high emotions involved in child custody and visitation situations all over Michigan and we are here to help you.

There are some situations where it is ok to prevent the other parent from seeing or caring for your child. There are other situations where it is important to leave the decision to neutral third parties. Oftentimes, the courts will arrange an agreement that both parents need to abide by.

Harm or Danger

If there is a court order, like a restraining order, in place against the other parent preventing contact between the child and the other parent, you know that you are in the clear to keep your kids away from them. If the other parent is using threatening language, is clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or imminently dangerous situations, keeping your kids safe is your number one priority. You can take your children to the police station or call a lawyer to help navigate the situation. You have a legal duty to protect your children from genuine harm. However, be certain that the harm is real and not merely something that can be dealt with later by your family law attorney or the courts. 

If there isn’t an imminent, genuine risk of harm to your kids, you should definitely let the courts do their job!

When in Doubt, Let the Courts Do Their Job!

If the lines are blurry and you aren’t sure whether you can keep the other parent away from your kids, leave it up to the Michigan courts. Hiring an experienced family law attorney will help you achieve a resolution that is in the best interest of your kids.

Denying visitation to a parent who was granted parenting time rights from a divorce judgment or other court order, for example, would not be appropriate unless there was a serious chance that your child would be hurt. It is important to know where your rights start and where the other parent’s rights begin.

We also advise against using the police or Children’s Protective Services as your complaint center, mediator, or lawyer. They have enough work to do without babysitting you. Call them when you really need them, not when you are just upset with the other parent. When in doubt, call your family law attorney first for all non-emergency issues.  

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