Michigan Will Participate in Child Welfare System Reform

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The wellbeing of children is important in every society. In the United States, we urgently need reform of our country’s child welfare system. Michigan has tried to fix many of the problems that our state child welfare system has experienced over the last fifteen years. Part of the problems deal with our legal system. But many of them also arise because of Children’s Protective Services (CPS) and they way they interpret and implement Michigan’s laws. 

Several States and Tribal Nations Chosen for Pilot Program

Fortunately, eight entities have been selected to participate in a federal project aimed at universal reform of the child welfare system in the United States. The state of Michigan is counted among those that will be participating.

Four Michigan Counties: Oakland, Mecosta, Monroe, and Muskegon will house “intervention sites” that will produce data. This data will be compared with data collected by other counties like Macomb, Livingston, Ingham, Eaton or Clinton.

Goals of the Pilot Program

The federal government and its partners hope to improve living conditions for kids in foster care. Further, the program will encourage children living in foster care to help make decisions about their permanent placement.   

By participating in the program, the state of Michigan, through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and CPS, hopes to be a “catalyst” for change. The MDHHS announced its participation in the program on December 16, 2022.

For the next four years, MDHHS will receive funding and support through a federal grant to make the system better for kids!

The Kronzek Firm Supports The Reform of Child Welfare in Michigan!

This is a good start. It’s a long way from the sweeping reforms that are needed with our CPS system. We hope that legislators and the CPS officials choose to ask for input from those of us that work with “the system” on a daily basis, to get the broadest input and recommendations for future improvements. 

Our skilled team is here to help you understand what this new pilot program may mean for your family. If you are searching for expert legal advice, our firm continues to represent Michiganders as they fight for their kids. When you are ready to hire a highly recommended CPS defense team, you can reach us for a free initial consultation at 800-576-6035. We’re available 24/7, including nights and weekends for crisis intervention. We’ve been fighting for parents since the last century and we can help you too.