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And You Thought Your Divorce Cost Too Much!

There’s an old joke about the cost of divorce. Why does a divorce costs so much? Because it’s worth it. Divorce isn’t cheap in Michigan or anywhere else. Most people already know that. Between attorney’s fees, split assets, spousal support payments, child support and the often unavoidable guilt-spending that so many people fall prey to, […]

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Hostile Aggressive Parenting – What You Need To Know

Although awareness is increasing regarding the tragic issue of Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting, the fact is that many people still do not realize that it even exists. Those that do acknowledge the issues often don’t understand how damaging it is to parent-child relationships, and to the emotional well-being of everyone involved.   Although […]

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Addressing the “Wealthy Divorcee” Myth

We’ve all seen her on TV. The wealthy divorcee, wearing designer clothes and drinking champagne while she scoffs at the financial struggles of the ex-husband supporting her. And Hollywood has no shortage of her stories either. The First Wives Club. Intolerable Cruelty. The list goes on…. But research is revealing some interesting facts about this […]

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