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    Attorney John English

    John is, above all else, a family man. He loves his wife with a passion that would beggar Romeo, and adores his kids with all his heart! Ask John what his ideal day off would be, and aside from going way Up North (which is John’s favorite part of Michigan) he’ll tell you he loves nothing more than hanging out with his family. The simple things, like grocery shopping and cooking with his wife, dining with friends, and puttering around in the yard are what make John happy.

    But don’t let his love of simple pleasures fool you – John is anything but a simple man. His affable personality and friendly demeanor hide a complex mind that thrives on strategy, fierce competition, and a mind-boggling work ethic. John is the dedicated attorney that other dedicated attorneys want to be when they grow up. His courtroom performances are legendary, and his record includes a few “Michigan firsts” that attorneys at other firms still talk about. John’s respect for the legal system and commitment to justice are rock-solid.

    However John is more than an excellent attorney. He is a passionate outdoorsman, a fitness nut, and has a passion for music that stretches to cover all genres. And when we say all genres, we mean ALL genres.  John is just as likely to spend an evening at a jazz concert, as he is to visit a nightclub where the DJ spins Deep House and Top 40 hits. John and his son are frequent concert goers. However music isn’t the only thing that gets John up and moving. When he’s not out dancing with his wife (she’s a music lover too!), he’s out rowing in the early morning, shooting hoops with his son, riding his bicycle all over the city, and playing tennis with friends.

    But with such a wide range of interests, how was it that John picked the law to be his life’s work? Interestingly enough, it was while watching the O.J. Simpson trial on TV that John realized he wanted to be a lawyer. In 1995, the Simpson trial made national news, changing the way trials were covered by the media, and leaving a huge number of people astounded at how quickly a nation could assign guilt to someone who hadn’t even been tried in a court of law yet. John was one of those people.

    He was fascinated by how devoted O.J.’s attorneys were, and appalled by how readily everyone labelled him a murderer without waiting for the verdict. The O.J. trial affected John deeply, and the more he thought about it, the more he realized he wanted to be involved in the practice of law, if only to do things differently – to do them the right way!  He saw how so many defendants were treated poorly by their attorneys, and he vowed that he would be different. That he would always show his clients the utmost respect. It’s one of the many things that makes John such a great attorney. And such a good person.

    He applied, and was accepted, to the University of New Hampshire School of Law, and then packed up and trekked across the entire country in order to start his career in law. When John  finally decided it was time to come home, he returned to Michigan, but chose not to return to the U.P. where he had been born and raised. Instead he chose to make mid-Michigan his home, joining The Kronzek Firm as a member of our incredibly skilled and dedicated team. And we couldn’t be happier about it. He handles every case with dignity and respect, and his client’s concerns with kindness. All in all, you couldn’t ask for a better lawyer, or a more terrific human being.