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    Joshua Pease

    Joshua grew up in Grand Rapids, which is where he developed a passion for justice and the law. He started reading books about criminal justice issues in high school, and realized that he’d received the call – he was destined to be a lawyer! Some people choose the law because it presents a challenge. Others become attorneys for the money. Josh didn’t choose to be a lawyer. The law chose him.

    After graduating from Western Michigan University, Joshua headed off to Thomas M. Cooley Law School to prepare for a lifetime of lawyering. He kept reading, filling every spare minute with books. He read about criminal justice, researched legal history, and devoured every page he could find about the art of practicing the law. He was on a mission, and nothing could stop him. Once in a while, when he needed a break, he’d read a fantasy book or two. But then it was back to business.

    This tireless dedication is part of what makes Joshua so good at his job. He’s fiercely driven, and deeply committed to know everything there is to know about every case he takes on. Josh checks and rechecks case history, researches every aspect of the law, and is constantly reviewing the details of every case he works on.

    It’s the best way to ensure that every base is covered, and that our client’s are always being offered the best of every possible option. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but the law can be very complicated. So an attorney who takes the time to make sure that everything is correct, and everyone’s on the same page, is a very valuable asset. (Not to mention comforting!)

    In addition to being a voracious reader, Josh is also a dedicated baseball lover, a huge fan of Nathan Fillion, and a hopeless devotee of shoes. But his real loves, the things he gets out of bed for the morning, are none other than his wife and dogs. Ask him if he has any children and he’ll tell you yes – three small furry ones! Ask him what he does on his days off, and chances are, “hanging out with the dogs” will be at the top of the list. (Right after “spending time time with his wife.”) Ask him to describe himself in five words and what he’d probably tell you is “perpetually covered in dog fur.”

    Ask any of his clients to describe him in five words, and you’ll get a very different answer. The most likely candidates are probably ‘energetic’, ‘dedicated’, ‘driven’ and ‘good listener.’ Why? Because Josh is all of those things and more. Including ‘apple pie fan’ and ‘dedicated whiskey drinker’ and ‘avid reader’. But you already knew that.

    Although Josh grew up on Michigan’s west coast, he and his wife now call the Lansing area home. However, don’t let the fact that he’s moved halfway across the state fool you. Josh isn’t much of a traveler. In fact, if you ever ask him what his favorite vacation destination is, you’ll probably get the same answer we did – “I’ll let you know as soon as I take a vacation!” Which may sound humorous, but it’s actually a very insightful look into Josh’s work ethic. He never stops, never gives up, and never gives a case less than his absolute best. Why? Because that’s who he is – a great lawyer, and a great guy!

    What one of our clients had to say about working with Josh

    “If you’re looking for a fantastic lawyer, look no further than Josh Pease. He has been the best lawyer during my divorce. He always looks out for the best interest of his clients, has quick follow up, and is always beyond informative. Look no further!”

    – Kathryne Laverdiere