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    Brandy Thompson

    If you’d asked Brandy what she wanted to be when she was a child, her answer might have surprised you. After all, how could anyone who loves her attorney work this much, ever have wanted to be anything else? Well, the truth is that Brandy was convinced her calling lay in animal medicine.

    In fact, she was so certain, that her mom arranged for her to shadow a vet in high school, so she could get some first hand experience. And that’s all it took to change Brandy’s mind. Being present when family’s beloved pets were put to sleep broke her heart so much, she decided she needed another career goal. That’s when she discovered her interest in the law.

    Brandy attended Lake Superior State University, which she almost didn’t survive – Brandy is a sun and sand lover who hates the cold with a passion! But after completing her undergraduate degree in Political Science and Pre-Law (graduating Magna Cum Laude, of course!) she moved on to MSU to get her Juris Doctorate, which is just the fancy name for law degree. From there she spent some time working in the Victim/Witness Unit at the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office, and serving as the Vice President of Family Defense Attorneys of Michigan.

    Along the way, Brandy her husband (whom she describes as her rock) and had two beautiful children. She also has a blind, diabetic dog named Peaches that she adores, which just goes to show that despite not being cut out for veterinary work, her love of animals is still legendary! As a family law and CPS attorney, Brandy believes that ‘family’ lies at the center of everything that matters (they don’t call it ‘family law’ for nothing, you know!)

    Brandy loves to solve conflicts, and help her clients find the solutions that work best for them. She’s helped countless people work through their divorces, and come out the other side with settlements and custody agreements that work well for all their loved ones. She offers clients various ways to settle disputes, and encourages parents to work through their differences, in order to better parent their children during times of stress. Likewise, she’s helped countless families stay together despite CPS working to tear them apart.

    In fact, helping people is all in a day’s work for Brandy, because she’s a definite people-person. How can we tell? Well, she goes to sports events even though she’s not really a sports fan. Why, you ask? Because the energy of the crowd and the chance to be with a huge group of people is an opportunity too good to pass up! It’s one the many things about Brandy Thompson that makes her such a good attorney – her passion for people, and her desire to see them overcome obstacles and living life to the fullest.

    And while we’re on the subject of living life to the fullest – it’s something Brandy tries to do in her everyday life as well. As a volunteer Girl Scout leader, an avid supporter of the Capital Area Humane Society, and a partner at The Kronzek Firm, Brandy’s schedule is hectic. But because she embraces every moment, every experience is tackled head on, embraced, and learned from. It’s all part of what makes her such a fantastic attorney, and a person we’re proud to say we can call both coworker and friend.