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Apps to Help Make Co-Parenting Easier After a Divorce (Pt 1)

Divorce is hard. Every parent in Michigan understands that parenting is very hard (seriously!). But co-parenting after a divorce can be one of the most challenging undertakings a person can manage. In order to do it successfully requires enormous patience, commitment, compromise, and dedication. That’s why so many divorced parents are thrilled about anything that […]

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Why ‘Moral Fitness’ Could Affect Your Oakland County Divorce! (Pt 1)

Things like doing drugs, having a criminal history, or exposing your children to violence, could affect the outcome of your custody battle! You don’t hear the term “moral fitness” outside of an impeachment hearing or a courtroom these days, because the issue of morality is so subjective these days. What’s acceptable behavior to one person […]

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It’s Traumatic to Separate Children From Their Parents! (Pt 2)

Children suffer a wide range of trauma symptoms when they are forcibly separated from their parents. Hello and welcome back! We’ve been talking about some very interesting new research that shows the traumatic effects of forcibly separating children from their parents. In the previous article, we looked at what the specific effects, both long term […]

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Are Custody Concerns Different for Divorcing Same-Sex Couples in Oakland County (Pt 1)

Same-sex parents face unique challenges when dealing with custody issues in Oakland County. When the Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage was legal in 2015, it was a groundbreaking moment for LGBT couples all over the nation. People lined up outside churches and courthouses all over in Royal Oak, Troy, Southfield and Rochester to […]

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