It’s Traumatic to Separate Children From Their Parents! (Pt 2)

A sad teen, sitting against a wall outside, with their arms folded across their knees and their head down.
Children suffer a wide range of trauma symptoms when they are forcibly separated from their parents.

Hello and welcome back! We’ve been talking about some very interesting new research that shows the traumatic effects of forcibly separating children from their parents. In the previous article, we looked at what the specific effects, both long term and short term, of taking children away from their parents, and how emotional events can have a clearly defined physical impact. Moving on we’d like to discuss how this research could have an impact on future visitation and custody cases right here in Oakland County and of course in Macomb County and Livingston County too.

Research proves that toxic stress is both traumatic and damaging!

A study done at Harvard explains the toxicity of parent/child separations like this: “In a situation where children are separated from their parents for a long period of time, they remain on high alert, and their bodies endure prolonged and severe toxic stress as a result!” Extensive research on the effects of toxic stress on children has also been conducted by The Mayo Clinic. Their studies into Reactive Attachment Disorder explain it this way: “When a child is primed to experience fear and anxiety, those emotions can superimpose themselves onto how the child interacts with another person, even if that person wants to nurture and love the child.” As you can see, it’s extremely traumatic for children!

Children suffering from toxic stress are often harmed for life

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that toxic stress is more subtle than a broken bone or distended stomach. But it can leave permanent marks on a child’s brain, “creating a weak foundation for later learning, behavior, and health.” A study published in the Journal of Pediatrics explored how toxic stress experienced early in childhood manifests throughout a child’s life in extremely harmful ways. For example, after long periods of sustained toxic stress, a child who was previously inconsolable might become “quiet, dull or withdrawn.” Not because they’ve adjusted to the stress – but rather because their cortisol levels become so depressed, their stress levels are dulled and they can’t respond appropriately to stress.

Hopefully, our Oakland County Family Court will recognize this research and its importance!

As family law attorneys practicing here in Oakland County, Macomb County, and Livingston County, we’ve helped many parents fight for custody when their ex wants to take it away from them. We’ve helped countless dads battle for longer visitation hours and helped many moms push for fair joint-custody agreements. We understand how hard it is for parents who are separated from their kids, but the truth is, it’s even harder for the children. Kids grieve the loss of their caregivers in ways that can harm their health for life. So it’s critical to maintain those relationships if at all possible.

Fair custody agreements are good for parents AND children!

Losing access to your child, whether it’s through a divorce or through a CPS intervention, can be devastating for your child’s health, both now and in the future. Michigan family courts are getting much better about recognizing the importance of children maintaining relationships with both parents. However, it can still be a traumatic battle. And that’s why, when you’re faced with losing access to your kids, you need an aggressive and dedicated family law attorney who understands what’s really at stake in a custody battle.

Making sure you get the right legal help can impact your child’s entire future!

Oakland County is a relatively progressive county, and the judges here tend to understand the importance of allowing children to have sustained and continual contact with both parents. That’s why here at The Kronzek Firm, we’re so determined to fight for fair and reasonable custody and visitation agreements, because we’re also parents and we know how important the next generation is. So if you live in Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Novi or Oak Park, get the help you need by calling The Kronzek Firm at (248) 479-6200. Our experienced family law attorneys are standing by 24/7 to help. We’ve helped hundreds of clients over the decades and we can help you too.