Apps to Help Make Co-Parenting Easier After a Divorce (Pt 1)

Close up of a person sitting in front of a computer, they have a bunch of pages full of notes, different colored pens, and their phone. The amount they're trying to keep track of seems overwhelming.

Divorce is hard. Every parent in Michigan understands that parenting is very hard (seriously!). But co-parenting after a divorce can be one of the most challenging undertakings a person can manage. In order to do it successfully requires enormous patience, commitment, compromise, and dedication. That’s why so many divorced parents are thrilled about anything that makes the co-parenting process easier for them. And who could blame them? So if you’re a divorced parent who shares custody with the other parent, and you’re looking for a little help, this article is for you.

There are lots of great co-parenting apps out there to choose from

There are several apps and websites designed exclusively for co-parents, to help them communicate efficiently, and keep track of their kid’s busy schedules. Some are free, and some require a monthly payment, depending on what features they offer and how you choose to use them. But choosing the right one for your family can be a chore when you’re not sure what your options are, or what best suits your needs. So we’ve made a list of our favorites for you to consider.


What it offers: 2Houses is a website designed to offer a wide range of co-parenting services to make your post-divorce parenting process easier. These features include 

  • Family calendar, 
  • Document storage for medical, educational and financial information
  • Photo album
  • An online journal where parents can make notes about kids activities and well being
  • Messaging for easy communication between parents
  • Is available in multiple languages, and can be configured to notify parents of updates in several different ways (email or phone)

What is costs: $12.50 per month for the entire family (charged as $149.99 annually)

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What it offers: 

  • Family calendar
  • Message board (which differs from direct messaging because it’s cloud-based and messages can’t be deleted or altered after they’re sent)
  • Expense log to help keep track of kid-related finances
  • Info bank where parents can track medical info like vaccinations, doctors visits, and insurance information
  • Journal for tracking behaviors, events, and daily notes
  • Available for PC and mobile

What it costs: A 1 year subscription costs $119.97 and a 2 year subscription costs $209.97. But pared-down packages are available for less without certain features.

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Working out the right custody agreement takes skill and hard work

Join us next time for a look at a few more helpful co-parenting apps. And remember: working out the best possible custody arrangement for your family is a process that requires no small amount of finesse. Your Oakland or Macomb County family lawyer will need to have limitless patience, fierce determination, and a lot of experience. Which is exactly what we have in spades here at The Kronzek Firm. We have decades of experience dealing with these very issues. 

Our incredible team of family law attorneys has spent more than a quarter of a century helping parents all over lower Southeast Michigan through their divorces, figuring out the best possible outcomes for families during these difficult times. If you’re considering divorce, or need help with custody, alimony or asset division, call 248 479 6200. We’re available 24/7 to help.