Problems For Divorced Parents Agreeing on School Options During The Lockdown

Divore brings a lot of changes in life. But few of them are quite so apparent as the ways in which your children are affected. And school is no different. Of course right now it’s an unprecedented time for ALL parents here in Oakland County, as we navigate the many ways in which Covid19 has changed daily life for all of us. 

A close up picture of two little girls doing school work together at a table.

Divorced parents, especially those who are recently divorced in Bloomfield Hills, Farmington and Novi, are now navigating the realities of single parenting as their kids head back to school for the fall semester. This can mean all kinds of new challenges, including your children dealing with emotional struggles and behavioral issues, and also the mechanics of childcare and the associated costs. There’s a lot to deal with, so we’ve created this simple list of tips:

How to help your kids succeed at school after the divorce

  • Routine is important, so make a schedule and stick to it

It’s a well known fact that children do best when they’ve got structure and routines to help them feel safe. Routine, order and consistency play an important part in helping kids learn and grow. So when a child’s home-life undergoes a major shift, it can mess with their sense of security. It doesn’t matter whether your kids are in Wixom or in Huntington Woods, it’s tough being a kid right now. 

During this especially difficult time (whether it’s Covid19, a recent divorce, or both) it’s important to maintain a schedule whenever possible. Eating meals at the same time every night, having a fixed bedtime, and picking certain days to do weekly chores can help a lot in creating a sense of security for a child, as parents all over Royal Oak and Troy are discovering.

  • Maintain an open dialogue with your child’s teacher

Teachers are on the front lines of this pandemic right now, with many of them teaching while trying to enforce difficult social distancing rules in their classes, or navigating the world of online learning as they teach from home. Either way, educators in Auburn Hills, Ferndale and Commerce are well aware of how challenging this time is for all kids. (Time out for a quick shoutout to you teachers out there. You rock! You are loved and appreciated.)  

But kids whose families have recently experienced a divorce may struggle even more, and need even more help. Reach out to your child’s teacher and keep them informed of family changes that might affect your child’s behavior, attitude, and school performance. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) share all the personal details, but it’s important to let them know what happened so they can be patient and kind when your child needs it most.

  • Make sure that kids who need extra emotional support are receiving it

Every child is different, which means that every child will respond in different ways to a situation, and need different types of support to navigate challenges. Some children whose parents recently got divorced might find that they need someone to talk to about their feelings on the subject, and talking to their parents about their fears and concerns might be very hard. 

If your kid is having a hard time right now, make sure they get the help they need to navigate this challenging time. Many Oakland County counsellors and therapists are offering tele-health visits, which means your child can safely talk to someone over the phone, or using an online meeting platform like Zoom. In the end, it can make a huge difference to their emotional health, growth, and even school success.

Divorces are tough, so make sure you have an expert on your side!

It’s a difficult time in life for all of you – we get it. There are going to be a lot of changes, and a lot of rough spots. But it doesn’t have to be all bad. In fact, there can be (and often is) a lot of good waiting down the road for you, if you’re willing to tough it out now. So how do you ensure that the future looks brighter and rosier? You make sure you have a great divorce lawyer on your team!

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