Stephanie Service

Stephanie Service
When she isn’t line dancing and doing DIY projects around her house, Stephanie can be found in courtrooms all over Michigan’s lower peninsula, helping people through their divorces, custody battles, and CPS issues. Stephanie practices mostly family law, because it’s a line of work that gives her an enormous sense of satisfaction. Why? Because as far as Stephanie is concerned, nothing is more important than family, and she loves helping people protect their own.


Give her a day off from work (which she doesn’t get very often) and Stephanie will spend it with her husband and toddler son. And if a few cousins, uncles and aunts are available, she’d want to hang out with them too. Because nothing matters more than family. And for someone who wasn’t certain she wanted kids to begin with, having her son was a life-changing event for Stephanie. How? Well, if you’re a parent you’ll understand – having a child puts the rest of the world into perspective. In fact, ask Stephanie and she’ll tell you, motherhood helps her relate to her clients on a more personal level.


Interestingly enough, having children isn’t the only part of Stephanie’s life that she didn’t plan on. She also never had dreams of being a lawyer when she was young. In fact, she really didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life until the summer of her senior year of college. She was once year away from graduating Grand Valley State University with a degree in Communications, when one conversation changed the direction of her life forever.


She was attending a family reunion dinner in West Virginia, enjoying a club sandwich and chatting to her cousins, when her Grandpa leaned over and asked her what she wanted to do with her life. Her answer? “The usual – get a job, get married, have kids.” His response? “You should think about law school.” She may have laughed at the time, but Stephanie made a promise to her Grandpa that she would at least consider it, and we are so very glad that she did! Twelve years later she is a fierce family advocate and force to be reckoned with.


But all work and no play makes for a boring life, and Stephanie doesn’t do boring. (Which is probably why she loves those terrible reality TV shows so much – more drama than you can possibly imagine!) In fact, Stephanie a die-hard devotee of Netflix. But don’t worry, she likes to get out and about as well, sampling craft beers from local breweries, taking nature walks with her family and when she has a free week, travelling the world!


While the sad truth is that many lawyers have a reputation as being pompous and aggressive, Stephanie couldn’t be less like the stereotype! She is compassionate, caring, a good listener, and a truly dedicated advocate. Add those qualities to the fact that she has an unflappable demeanor and a hefty dose of loyalty, and you have the perfect combination for practicing family and CPS defense law. Stephanie approaches each case as if it were her own family she is fighting for. She advocates for each client as if her family’s future depended on it. Because that’s how she views clients – as people with families who deserve loyalty, compassion and a chance to be together!


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