How To Catch A Cheating Spouse (Part 2)

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Hoping to catch your cheating spouse? Be careful…

In the introductory article in this series, we talked about the difficulty that people face when they suspect their spouses of infidelity. We discussed two options for discovering the truth, namely confronting them and hiring a private detective. We looked at the pros and cons of these two options and discussed what you were up against in each case. Moving on, we are going to look at the next two options for catching a cheating spouse…

Find some bait, set the hook, and…wait:

Although this is a somewhat unorthodox and little-used method, some people have been known to ask someone else to act as bait for their cheating spouse. This would involve finding an attractive someone whom your spouse has never met before. This decoy would strike up a conversation with your spouse in a public place. That would in turn perhaps lead to flirting and might ultimately end up as an encounter that could prove their infidelity.

It is very important to remember that prostitution, which means paying for sex, is illegal in Michigan. For this reason, it would be important to ensure that the person you ask to do this is not paid to have sex with your spouse! Otherwise, you would have been guilty of a serious crime. The best possible scenario would entail asking an acquaintance to engage in flirtatious behavior up to the point that they receive an invitation from your spouse for a sexual encounter, and then have them end the encounter by postponing it for another day. They don’t have to go through with “the deed” for you to know what would have happened.

If your spouse has a single person they are already engaged in an illicit relationship with, this option probably won’t work for you. But for people whose spouses are “prowlers” that engage in one-night-stands, (or as it may be in their case, one-hour-stands) this is something that may be worth considering.

Pros: the pros are obvious in that if this works – you have proof that your spouse is cheating on you or at least willing to cheat. Of course this might prove just the opposite, meaning that your spouse has no interest in cheating. It is worth bearing in mind that this “proof” may backfire on you if you hope to use it for anything other than knowing the truth about your spouse.

Cons: The cons in this case are also obvious in that this would only work for a certain kind of cheater, ie: the kind that cheats with complete strangers and with very little provocation. In the event that it does work, there is another “con” for you to consider, and that is the fact that your spouse will have just cheated, or nearly cheated on you with someone you hired.

Installing spyware on their phone or computer:

We put this on the list, even though it’s something that we definitely don’t recommend, simply because we know that so many people will consider it and so we believe it’s worth addressing. There are a number of laws in Michigan that prohibit spying on someone, even if that person is your cheating spouse. This includes using their passwords to access their online accounts, opening mail addressed to them, installing software on their phone that copies their text messages or sends copies of their voicemail to a third party, or putting a GPS tracker on their car. All of these options are illegal.

The one option that you have when it comes to these possibilities, is that the law allows you to install a GPS tracker on a car that is in your name. So if you believe that your spouse is sneaking off to their lover’s house or even a sketchy motel for illicit meetings and they happen to be driving a car that is in your name, you are allowed to track the whereabouts of that vehicle. But we would highly recommend talking to a family law attorney before engaging in any kind of spying or tracking because it would be very easy to break the law if you didn’t know exactly what was and wasn’t legal in Michigan when it comes to spying. There are serious criminal penalties for violating the spying, wiretap and other laws in Michigan.

Pros: It would be a fast way to discover your spouse’s affair.

Cons: It could also earn you a one way ticket to jail. So once again, before you engage in any James Bond activities, we urge you to consult with an experienced Michigan family law attorney that can help you understand exactly what options are available to you and what you should avoid.

If you have any questions or concerns about the state of your marriage, or have decided that you can no longer remain in this relationship, come and talk to our skilled family law attorneys. At The Kronzek Firm we understand that this is a big decision, and we are here to help you.


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