How do I Talk to my Fiance About a Prenuptial Agreement? (Pt. 2)

Newlyweds making heart sign with hands
Wait! Stop! Before you walk down the aisle, you NEED to have this talk!

Welcome back and thanks for joining us for this discussion on how to have “that talk” – you know, the really hard one you have with your fiance about why you should get a prenup. In our previous article we introduced the subject, and looked at the first two items on our list of four top tips for having this tricky conversation with your loved one here in Oakland County. Moving on, we’re going to wrap up the last two…

Life isn’t all moonlight and roses – you need to be prepared for reality

It’s hard, when you’re caught up in the excitement and romance of planning a wedding, to prep for potential disaster. But by now you probably know, life isn’t all cupcakes and champagne. Candlelit dinners and walks on the beach are highlights you can look forward to, but reality isn’t reality tv. Paying the mortgage and changing your baby’s diaper at 3 am aren’t “fun” or “romantic”, but they’re a normal part of life for most couples. So the sooner you make your peace with the less thrilling, but very important parts of life, the more peace of mind you’ll have in the future. And a prenup falls into that category perfectly.

So how does one introduce this prickly subject?

There are many ways to introduce the topic, some more successful than others. However, as we explained in the first article in this series, choosing the right time and being kind are critical. Now, here are the last two things all Oakland County couples need to keep in mind when having this conversation:

  1. Be honest

This is a big one, because dishonesty can come back to bite you in a big way, and you wouldn’t want to start your marriage out with skeletons in the closet. So share your concerns, and be transparent about what you want for the future. Explain why you think it’s important to be prepared for all eventualities. Don’t skirt the issue, blame your parents, or try to be coy about it. Being honest and open about your plans for the future, and why you believe both of you need to be protected in case things don’t work out is smart, and you shouldn’t have to feel bad about it.

  1. Word your intro carefully

That said, honesty can be brutally unkind and very hard to swallow when it’s delivered harshly or without consideration for the other person’s feeling. You need to explain the importance of a prenup, but you can do it without being antagonistic, and without making divorce sound like a foregone conclusion. Statements like “When we get divorced…” or “When one of us decides to call it quits…” aren’t going to help you make this conversation any easier. So be careful of what you say, AND how you say it!

Having a prenup in place can make a divorce far less stressful!

While having the conversation about a prenup isn’t fun, having one in place when things go belly-up makes a huge difference. If you’re further along the road, though, and your marriage is ending, whether or not you have a prenup, you’re going to need experienced lawyers who understand how Oakland County divorce and property law work. The Kronzek Firm family law attorneys have decades of experience helping hundreds of spouses come to a successful divorce settlement. Call us today at 866 766 5245. We’re here to help.