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Qualified Domestic Relations Orders in Oakland County: What You Need to Know (Pt 2)

How your retirement account gets divided in your divorce can make a big difference to your financial future. Welcome back and thanks for joining us here at The Kronzek Firm’s office in Farmington Hills. We’ve been talking about Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (called QDROs for short) here in Oakland County, and how that could affect […]

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What You Should (And Shouldn’t) Address in Your Michigan Prenuptial Agreement (Pt 2)

Preparing a solid prenup means getting help from a lawyer with lots of experience in Michigan antenuptial agreements. Welcome back. We’ve been talking about prenuptial agreements in Michigan, and what soon-to-be-married couples should and shouldn’t include in their prenups. It can seem a little strange to someone who’s never written one before, but believe it […]

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