Women Initiate Divorce More Than Men

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Couples all across Michigan divorce every year. In heterosexual couples, statistically, women tend to initiate the divorce rather than their male partners. Our divorce attorneys have found that to be the case all over Oakland County. Whether its Keego Harbor, Walled Lake, Bloomfield Township, Farmington Hills or Novi, women file more than men file for divorce. 

Even though women tend to have greater financial burdens when it comes to divorce, they are often the partner that decides when enough is enough. Or at least they seem less willing to tolerate a marriage that isn’t working out as well as they originally intended. 

Women get divorced in Oakland County for a variety of reasons. From Ferndale, to Birmingham, to Ponitac, to Clarkston there isn’t an identical couple. 

When Does Divorce Happen?

It’s no shock to Michiganders that divorce spikes in January when the gray skies and winter blues are around. However, most women divorce because they are unhappy in their marriages.

This is especially true for college-educated women. For these women, divorce rates are even higher than those without a college degree. 

Divorces happen year round. In Michigan, couples often divorce at difficult times in their marriages. It seems logical that added stressors might push somebody into taking action. 

Why Does Divorce Happen?

Some people wonder if divorce is just the “easy way out”. However, divorce can happen if your spouse is narcissistic or has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. You aren’t a bad person if you are seeking a divorce, and a lot of Michigan women are the ones to initiate. 

In a lot of ways, parting ways with someone can be a healthy choice. If a marriage isn’t working, it can sometimes be fixed with hard work and interventions like couples’ therapy. However, when it has really deteriorated, people in Oakland County often choose to make the decision to divorce. 

A Michigan marriage dissolution can be due to financial stress, emotional stress, infidelity, financial problems or natural “growing apart.” Whatever your reasons are for seeking a divorce, seeking the advice of an expert divorce attorney is important. In the inverse, if you are surprised by divorce papers from your spouse, you may want to know what’s next. 

The Kronzek Firm Is Here To Help!

It can feel overwhelming to navigate the waters of divorce alone. Thankfully, our team of experienced divorce attorneys are ready to support you. This is true whether you are a party wanting to divorce or if you are a person surprised by divorce papers on your kitchen table. Our divorce lawyers have been helping clients since the last century. Call The Kronzek Firm at (248) 479-6200 for a free consultation today!