What Do I Do With My Engagement Ring After My Divorce? (Pt 2)

Picture of engagement ring sitting on flowers
Now that you’re divorced, what should you do with your engagement ring?

Welcome back and thanks for joining us for this discussion on what to do with your engagement ring after you get divorced. It can be a tricky decision for many women to make, as they struggle to find a road between obligation, sentimentality and heartbreak. In truth, engagement rings mean different things to different people, and what you choose to do with yours after your marriage has ended is entirely up to you. Having talked about your first two options – keeping it for yourself or giving it back to your ex – let’s look at your last two options.

Save it for your daughter, or your granddaughter.

If there’s something particular about your ring – it’s beauty or uniqueness – or perhaps you’re just a sentimental person, you can save your ring for one of your children or grandchildren. You could give it to a daughter as a special gift, or even to your son when he plans to propose. (Some people feel that proposing with a ring left over from a marriage that ended in divorce is bad luck. That’s up to you.)

If you like the idea of giving it to one of your children, but they don’t care for the ring’s style, you could always have it melted down and made into something new and unique. Jewellers can do wonders with a little liquid gold and a beautiful diamond. Another option is to save the stone and have it placed in an entirely new setting, as a ring or even a pendant, that you can give to a child or grandchild when they’re the right age.

For rings with more than one stone, you may consider having multiple smaller pendants made to give as gifts to your kids. Some rings feature a central stone ringed with other, smaller stones, or several small stones set in a row. If you like the idea, have a set of pendants or rings made with the stones, for yourself and your daughters, granddaughters, or even nieces. It’s up to you. But just because the marriage has ended, doesn’t mean the ring should stop giving joy to those you love. We have some terrific jewelers close by in West Bloomfield, Troy, Novi and throughout Oakland County. Talk to some of their custom jewelry makers for ideas.  

Sell it, pawn it, or trade it in for something else.

While this may not seem like a very sentimental option, for many, it’s the most practical. This is because, for many women, life after divorce means a much tighter budget and a smaller income to live on. The money you could get from selling your engagement ring could mean the difference between being able to pay a few months rent upfront on your new apartment, or moving in with a friend.

If you choose not to return your ring to your ex, and don’t have children to pass it on to, and you don’t want to keep it around as a reminder of painful losses, then selling it might be the best option. If you need the cash, then a simple trip to a local jeweller or even a pawn shop would be your best option. If you aren’t in dire need of the money, then you might consider a trade. Certain gold and diamond buying pawn shops will allow you to trade in your ring and then select another piece of jewelry of a similar value.

Bear in mind though, you will almost never get the market value for your ring. It may have been worth several thousand when your ex bought it, but the moment it was wrapped up in that little black box and walked out of the store, its wholesale value dropped dramatically. So be aware, if you decide to sell your ring, that you won’t get back anything close to what was paid for it! The retail markup on jewelry is astronomical.

Deciding what to do with your sentimental items after divorce can be very hard.

Divorce comes with many challenges, and figuring out what to do with keepsakes is one of them. Ultimately, the choice lies with you, but if we can offer one piece of advice it would be this – don’t make any rash or impulsive decisions while you’re angry. Wait until you’ve had time to work through some of your pain before making decisions you can’t reverse.

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