Is Your Divorce Attorney Tech-Savvy? Because They Really Should be! (Pt 2)

A young man working on a tablet while sitting at a table with a cup of coffee and an open book.
It’s important that your attorney understand the importance of being up-to-date on all aspects of technology, and how it could affect your divorce!

Hey there, welcome back and thanks for joining us here at The Kronzek Firm. We’ve been talking about the importance of a divorce lawyer being tech-savvy, especially here in and around Oakland County where tech plays such an important role in divorces. In the previous article, we discussed why it’s something you need to be sure of right from the start – by raising the issue in your initial consultation with your family law attorney, and some of the ways your divorce could be impacted by technology. But there’s more…

Being tech-savvy doesn’t mean you have to be tech experts!

Not every lawyer is going to understand all the ins and outs of forensic accounting. But if your spouse was stashing cash in a secret bank account, as long as your divorce attorney has an expert forensic accountant on hand, that’s all that matters. The same applies to technology. Your lawyer doesn’t personally have to have a detailed understanding of every online account your spouse may have (and they likely won’t!). But if they have a tech expert on hand who can hunt down that info and unravel the data, then that’s what matters. Very few lawyers have the time to also be technology experts (even the really tech-savvy ones aren’t experts!). But the reality is: they don’t have to be. All they really need is an understanding of why it’s so important, and access to experts who have those skill sets, and that knowledge. 

Technological advances happen so quickly these days.

Think about the last time your phone updated it’s operating system. You probably had to spend a few minutes re-familiarizing yourself with the basics because everything was different. Now think about the fact that hardly a day goes by without a new app being made available, or a new device being launched on the market. Technological development is racing along like an unstoppable freight train, and just keeping up with the changes is a full-time job!

Your lawyer needs to be in good standing in your community!

This is why it’s so important to have a lawyer with a good reputation handling your divorce. Many tech experts are more willing to work with attorneys who are respected in their communities, and seen as extremely competent in their dealings. Which is where the Kronzek Firm comes in. We’ve represented divorce clients with high worth, complex divorce cases in Oakland County, Livingston County, Macomb County and Wayne County. Whether you have a high asset case, a high conflict case, a complex custody case, or a not so dramatic case, we can help you. And whatever the tech level of your divorce is, we’re ready for it. Because our attorneys make a point of being tech-savvy!

Our clients, and even our opposition recognize what we do

The attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have a reputation for being tough, ethical, respectful, hardworking and well respected. We’ve strived, over the decades, to ensure that every client we represent gets the best outcome in their case, that every Judge is respectfully addressed, and that even our opposing attorney is treated with dignity. But that doesn’t mean we don’t fight fiercely for every client we take on! Our attorneys are fierce warriors who don’t rest until they’ve made certain that every angle is investigated, every option is fully explored, and every right is properly defended. Call (248) 479-6200 today to make sure someone is fighting for the best outcome in your case! Our Oakland County office is conveniently located on Northwestern Highway in Farmington Hills.