Can CPS Really Just Come in And Take my Kids Away? (Part 1)

Boy in despair sitting in grass
CPS can do certain things, but they don’t have the power they want you to believe!

Having your parental rights terminated is one of the most frightening things that could happen to a parent. Not to mention, one of the most heartbreaking! However, it’s also one of the most confusing, because the law in Michigan concerning termination of parental rights is very complex, and most people (including most attorneys) don’t really understand what’s involved.

We have a lot of parents that come into our Oakland County office, horrified at how easily CPS stepped into their lives and took advantage of them. Lied to them about their rights, and denied them due process in the face of horrifying allegations.It’s something we see often, and something we want to help you avoid! So here is a quick break down of some facts you need to know about termination of parental rights in Oakland County.

Can CPS really just come into my house and take my children away?

Yes they can, but only after a process. Incredible as it may sound, the law allows the state to sometimes permanently remove children from their parent’s custody, if they believe those children are at risk of serious abuse or neglect in their parent’s care. The process begins when a CPS worker opens an investigation for alleged abuse or neglect. When a Children’s Protective Services worker contacts the family, you should be very alarmed! Don’t take this casually. Be very concerned. CPS isn’t your friend!

Not every CPS interaction ends with a parent’s rights being terminated, but there are many that do! As attorneys who’ve handled many parental termination cases in Oakland County, we highly recommend that you don’t wait to find out how your case is going to end! The best defense is an aggressive, proactive defense that begins right at the beginning, with a highly skilled CPS defense attorney! Only a small number of attorneys in Metro Detroit are highly skilled and experienced with CPS defense. The Kronzek Firm is one of the best.

Will I be allowed to defend myself against these allegations?

Absolutely!  You will, and you should! However, there is a time and place for everything. You definitely have to tell your side of the story, but not to an Oakland County police officer or to a CPS worker. After all, these are the people who might be trying to have your parental rights terminated, so anything you say to them can be used against you as ammunition to further their case! Lawyer up.

Anything you say to a CPS worker can (and probably will) be twisted around, and then used against you in court. The sooner you get an experienced CPS defense attorney who can argue your side of the story in court, the better your chances are of keeping your kids. So just in case we didn’t make it clear enough already – don’t talk to CPS about anything! Call an aggressive CPS defense lawyer instead!

Surely there are alternatives to losing my kids forever?

In most cases there are. For example, when parents are trying to care for their children, but are struggling due to circumstances beyond their control, CPS will sometimes offer services. These could include parenting classes, anger management classes, sobriety support classes, alcohol testing, and lots of other services.

If you believe services would be more helpful to you, discuss your case with your CPS defense attorney. They will find out what alternatives you can pursue, and what’s available to you at this time.However, there are many traps for the unwary.

Battling CPS is one of the hardest fights a parent can engage in!

In truth, any kind of CPS involvement in a parent’s life will complicate things. But fighting Children’s Protective Services to keep your kids is going to be one of the hardest battles you ever engage in. Which is why you need a highly skilled CPS defense attorney in Oakland County and all over Metro Detroit!

Also, we want to take a moment to remind our readers that if you’re involved in a termination of parental rights case, you should not be using internet information to guide your choices! You need to meet with an experienced CPS defense attorney as soon as possible! Someone who can explain the process, and break down all of your options for you. Call (248) 479-6200  as soon as you are ready to hire a highly respected CPS defense lawyer, and discuss the allegations against you with an attorney who can help! We are available for crisis intervention immediately.