Are You Considering Separation During Your Oakland County Divorce Process?

Silhouettes of a man and woman sitting back to back in front of a sunset.
The process of separating your lives when a marriage ends can take a while to do, and needs time to adjust to.

If you’re a resident of Michigan’s Oakland County, Macomb County or Livingston County, and you’re considering getting a divorce, then you’re already thinking about living life without your spouse. You’ve probably thought about what it would be like to live apart from them, and what official separation would be like. Maybe you’ve even started looking into what your options are (like maybe getting a smaller place of your own, or moving in with a friend.)

Separation needs planning to be successful!

However, before you start packing your bags, we’d like to give you a few thinking points to consider when it comes to the issue of separation before your divorce is final. Remember, thinking and strategizing is way better than making quick or uninformed decisions. That’s why it’s best to meet with an experienced family law attorney before you make critical decisions. And in a divorce case, many decisions are critical. 

Your finances will need to be addressed

When two people who’ve been married part ways for good, there are many aspects of their lives that have to be untied, as it were. Things like getting your own bank account, and taking your spouse’s name off your health insurance, are good examples of those. However, remember that while you’re free to get a new bank account in your own name at any time, taking money out of a joint account and putting it into your bank account could get you into trouble. Don’t move money, or take any assets without talking to your divorce attorney first! Strategize with an expert first, then take appropriate, informed action during your separation. 

Joint memberships may have to be ended, or reassigned

If you and your spouse have a couple’s membership to your gym, talk about what you want for that membership after the divorce. Whose name is it in? Is it cheaper just to stay on one membership together, even if your marriage is ending, or are you going to get a single membership in your own name? The same goes for your phone bill. Are you part of a family package, and are you going to be paying your own phone bill in the future? Talk about what will work best for you both once the divorce is final. What about the timeshare? 

Think about what’s involved in disentangling your lives

If you’re going to live together for part or all of the divorce process, you may want to consider ways to start the separation of your personal lives. For example, if one of you was in charge of the laundry before the divorce talks began, consider having each of you do your own laundry now that you’re preparing to go your separate ways (and take turns doing the kid’s laundry). Consider sleeping apart in separate rooms, and maybe even preparing food for only yourselves instead of cooking for each other. Discuss your options and decide on what works best for whatever your current arrangement is.

Preparing to live apart isn’t something that happens overnight

Divorce is a very complex and very emotional process. You’ll be amazed at how many little details you never thought about until the time arrives and suddenly you’re faced with all those decisions that need to be made for separation to happen. Hopefully, this information helped you to start thinking along those lines. We recommend you spend some time discussing this with your divorce attorney as well, as they’ll have lots of good advice for you. If you live in Troy, Farmington Hills, Novi or Clarkston, call (248) 479-6200 and talk to our skilled and experienced family law attorneys.