All I Want For Christmas is… a PPO?!

A close up of a broken ice flow, with lots of jagged ice edges.
Winter in Oakland County seems to be a season when things are easily broken – including a family’s peace, trust in one another, and expectations about the holidays.

Despite what Hollywood tells us, the holiday season isn’t necessarily a time of good cheer for everyone. In fact, for some of us Oakland County families, Christmas time brings unique stresses and burdens that make life especially challenging. So while we’re all home with our loved ones on Christmas day, exchanging gifts, sipping hot cocoa and singing carols, there are many parents who will need help to keep both themselves and their children safe. And one way to do that in Oakland County is to get a Personal Protective Order.

The holidays can be very stressful for many families!

Christmas is meant to be about peace on earth and goodwill towards men. But the reality is that for many people, it’s about unmet expectations, and obligatory shopping they can hardly afford. And for people with tight budgets, the season can be extremely stressful! Kids are bombarded online and on TV with ads and images of all the many things they think they should have, and parents are pressured to buy items they can’t really afford. All in all, it can be a very stressful season, with some people feeling guilt about what they can’t get for their loved ones, and others making poor financial choices that they know will come back to bite them in the near future.

There are many factors that contribute to domestic violence over the holidays

As if the financial burden of the holidays isn’t enough (and don’t forget about the rising heat bills!), there are other stressors that come into play during the holidays. It’s cold and flu season, so people are sicker than usual. Also, Christmas means family get-together, and many people actually don’t enjoy spending time with their relatives. The kids are home from school, it’s cold outside, and everyone is cooped up together in the house, getting under each other’s skin and fraying one another’s nerves. And that tends to be when violence erupts.

Domestic violence is often a problem at this time of year

Numerous studies done over the years have shown that instances of domestic violence tend to increase around this time of year. However, interestingly, it’s not Christmas day that sees the highest number of family-based violent outbursts, it’s actually New Year’s Day! Statistics show that January 1st is the day with the highest number of reported domestic violence encounters. Could that have anything to do with alcohol or weed consumption? For people living here in Oakland County, that can mean starting the new year in a shelter, or even staying in hospital while your kids stay with loved ones in order to keep yourself and your kids safe (which is the sole purpose of a Personal Protective Order). And that’s assuming CPS didn’t end up in the mix!

When there are kids in the picture, it gets even more complicated!

In families where domestic violence is an ongoing issue, kids only complicate the situation. If the cops are called to a home on a domestic violence report, and there are children in the house.  Those responding police officers often call CPS as a matter of routine. And once CPS is involved, it only gets more complex from there. Families dealing with domestic violence and PPOs can suddenly find themselves facing the loss of their children as well, and the involvement of the court in their parenting choices.

Don’t let your family’s future be left to chance this holiday season.

At The Kronzek Firm, we understand that for many families, Christmas isn’t always a time of cookies and magic and caroling in the snow. Instead, for some Oakland County families it can be the season of violence, child welfare workers, and loss. But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you or a loved one are struggling with an abusive partner whose violence may cost you your children, call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 248  479-6200.  Our tough and experienced family law attorneys are available 24/7 including on Christmas eve, Christmas day, and New Years Day, plus all the days and nights in between! We can help you with a personal protective order, and even with your divorce if that’s the option you decide is right for you. Our office is conveniently located on Northwestern Highway in Farmington Hills.