Did You Know That Divorce Can Actually Be Good For You?

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New research proves it – divorce can be good for your emotional and physical health!

Here at our Oakland County office, we help a lot of people get through their divorces. Sometimes we have the pleasure of running into them again later on, and finding out how they’re doing. Invariably, when asked how life is treating them since their divorce, the answer we get is “Wonderfully!” In many of those cases, knowing the history of their marriages, we couldn’t be happier for them!

Perspectives are changing – thank goodness!

For years there was a stigma to divorce. The notion that once someone gets divorced, all the joy gets sucked out of their life. They no longer have the capacity for love and laughter. They’re “ruined” or “used up.” Well not anymore! Thankfully that societal stigma is fading into the past where it belongs. It’s a whole new world, folks, and the future is bright! Especially for divorcees!

Divorced people are no longer thought of as sad and lonely, dealing with the challenges of parenting alone amidst an onslaught of health issues. Although previous research tended to support this perspective, new research is is revealing that there is so much more to the issue than we’d realized! Divorced people in Farmington Hills, Bloomfield, Birmingham and in Royal Oak are living full, rich lives after their divorce.

Research proves that divorce CAN make you happy!

Researchers at University College London conducted a study which reveals the fact that divorced people, in particular those who remarried, are no more likely to suffer health problems than people still in their first marriage. This is big news, folks! In addition, there’s even evidence suggesting that divorce can have a positive effect on your health.

Divorce can also have a positive impact on your health!

According to the study, men who divorced in their late 30’s but chose not to remarry, actually showed lower rates of diabetes and other similar conditions, than married men. Another interesting finding is that cohabitation, not marriage, was the factor that had the greatest impact on a person’s health.

Results from the study showed that unmarried couples living together in the long-term were found to have almost identical health levels to those of long-term married couples. This was backed up by findings which proved that unmarried people living without a partner were actually the people who seemed to suffer the worst health.

Unhappy marriages can lead to physical and emotional health problems

Parting ways from a spouse you’ve been unhappily married to will provide you with an opportunity to start over. To focus on pursuing your dreams, and making a life that you’ll enjoy living. As we can tell from talking to hundreds of former clients over the decades, the freedom that comes after you’re finally released from a deeply unhappy and unfulfilling marriage can be your ticket to a new and wonderful life!

If you’re struggling with your marriage, or battling unhappiness and lack-of-fulfillment with no positive end in sight, come in and talk to us. We can help you find a way out, and provide you with all of the legal support and advice you need during this difficult time. The experienced divorce attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have spent decades helping people all over Oakland County to pick up the pieces and build strong new futures after failed marriages. We can help you too! We can be reached in our Farmington Hills office at 248-479-6200.


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